6 Signs it is Time to Repaint Your House Exterior

Nothing resists the test of time, not even your house’s immaculate painting and finishing. And it comes a
time when its appeal fades, shouting out loud for some aesthetic revamp. Especially so, your house’s exterior
painting may need some refurbishing, which becomes apparent with the visually agitating telltale signs. This
article explains the apparent signs that your house needs some exterior painting.

Telltale Signs it is Time to Repaint Your House

1- Exterior Damaged Stucco and Wood

Painted wood and stucco aren’t usually vulnerable to the surroundings since water, air, and termites don’t
have direct contact. But take it as a practical indicator that you need to add a few touches on them if they
damage or their coating paints fade. Typical visible signs include cracks on stuccos or perhaps, rotting on the
edges or the entire woodwork. If so, you need to assess the extent of damage and schedule some repainting
to restore their initial glitter

2- Bubbling, Cracked, or Peeling Paint

Bubbled and peeling wall paint can be agitating, and you must consider renewing it. Remember, letting it
stay will expose your walls to mold and pan out to rotting and decay. You don’t want to wait for too long
before your walls get compromised, and the impact could be irreversible. That’s a clear indicator that your
walls need some much-needed justice to get them shiny and appealing again

3- Cracked Caulking

Cracked caulking can be an eyesore, and while it degrades the aesthetics, it still has the potential to damage
your walls. Since caulking is on your doors and windows, moisture seeps in quickly and could let mold
grow, which eventually destroys your walls. Cracked caulks are viable indicators that you need to repaint
your house’s exterior, either on targeted spots or the rest of the house. However, simple refills on cracked
caulks will work the trick.

4- Moisture Stains and Mold

Molds and moisture stains are sore indicators that your house’s exterior needs a revamp. The worst part is
that mold sightings aren’t a friendly reminder that your walls are only slightly scathed, but the problem could
be deeper. Therefore, a professional can examine and recommend on or against topping up paint the right
way. In this regard, cleaning the mold precedes repaints which you should be familiar with. If you can
remove the mold or stains by simple wiping, a new color coat can be helpful.

5- Fading Colors

The sun, rain, and snow have the uncanny ability to fade your house’s exterior paints over time. You’ll
realize that your house’s east and west-facing sides are more affected than the opposite, which can be
agitating. If so, your exterior paint is compromised and doesn’t protect your walls and wood efficiently.
Therefore, it’s prudent to act fast by repainting your house’s exterior so it doesn’t appear beaten and old.
That’ll surely give your house’s aesthetics a shove while protecting it better.

6- You’re No Longer in Love with the Color

Sometimes, you don’t need a visual indicator to compel you to repaint your house, but your color preferences
will. It’s typical to get bored with colors, and your house may be the unlucky victim of this sudden shift of
preference. Changing your home’s exterior colors may be all you need to give it a new style and fashion.
And perhaps, completely repainting it might give you the satisfaction you crave. In this case, repainting your
home’s exterior should be a no-brainer.

Repainting the Outside of Your House

Repainting your house’s exterior should be a decision to consider deeply the type of coating you want, the
aesthetic appeal you need, and your budget. Besides, you need to check the season, ideally through spring
and summer, for easy drying of the paint. However, if you think that that’s some legwork – and rightly so –
but still want quality results, please liaise with a professional exterior house painter.


Repainting your house’s exterior can be necessary if you need a revamp. Sometimes that may come out of
the blue, with a change of heart and color preferences. However, the telltale signs, including fading colors,
mold and stains on walls, and cracked caulking, might compel you. And while you can do the repainting by
yourself, getting professional help can guarantee quality results.

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