7 Curb Appeal Ideas to Improve Your Home

Ultimately, curb appeal is what gets the buyer stopping at the front door, and this will mean a total makeover
for the front garden. Before we address that we will start on the outside of your house, which is suddenly
looking very tired and jaded.

1. Painting Your House

Painting the outside of your house will ultimately add value to your home. Select a fairly neutral color
scheme, even white, as you don’t want your home to stand out in a bad way. Try a small patch of the chosen
color on a low point of the wall near the front, to ensure that it is right for your chosen scheme. Once you are
certain of the color get the painter to go ahead, as the job needs to be done professionally.

2. Paint the Trim and Accents

Once you have chosen the trim and accents, the painter can finish the job. If your trim is black or dark green
your front door should be painted in the same color, only in a gloss. Purchase a fabulous Brass Knocker to
go in the middle of the door to set it off, as you want the front to look welcoming. If you have the room,
place big square planter boxes on either side of the front door filled with seasonal flowers.

3 Create The Right Lighting

Depending on whether your home is old or new, make sure that the lighting is adequate. The pathway from
the street should be well lit with solar lights on either side, to prevent visitors from falling over in the dark,
Install a big porch light over the front door, antique lantern style, brass for old houses. Modern lantern for
the new house, there is so much choice in the lighting shops that this will be easy to do. A well-lit front
entrance is always welcoming to guests, with a sensor light to come on when anyone is outside the door.

4. The Gate

if you have a side driveway leading to the garage now is the time to put in a new gate. For those who have
resisted having an automatic gate now is the right time, and there is one for every style of house. This is
another addition that adds value to your home and means that you can drive right on in during winter, most
buyers will appreciate this detail. Make sure the automatic gate is in keeping with the fence and streetscape,
as not every area has front fences. Ensure that your street number is highly visible, replace it with new
numbers if necessary

5. Landscaping the Front

You may need to get some help with the front garden, as you will want it to look perfect. Shrubs and
seasonal flowers should be planted about six months prior to the sale of the house so that they will be timed
to look their best for auction day. Check shrubs for height, and what grows well in your area before making
a choice, then strategically plant them along the border of your lawn. If the lawn is large, consider a water
feature to set off the front of the house. A large reticulated jar water feature can be purchased quite cheaply
at the local hardware center, and you can get it set up and working by a handyman who has most likely
erected them before. It looks tranquil and doubles as a birdbath in hot weather.

6. Perfect The Lawn

The reality is that the lawn is often full of weeds, so six months before the sale dig it up and re-lay it. This is
another job for a handyman or lawn specialist, as they will do it effortlessly and properly. When you are
planning a house sale you have enough stress without laying a new lawn yourself, so get help as you are
aiming for perfection.

7. Clean Pathways, Driveways, and Verandahs

Over time pathways and driveways grow moss and lichen and become a bit green looking, they will require
cleaning as they look unsightly and are a slip hazard. Hire a high-pressure cleaner for the day and get them
done, this is great fun, and even the kids can do it for you as it is easy work for most people. Pick a fine day
so that it dries right off, and will look amazing.
Operation curb appeal is complete, and you are ready for auction or sale.

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